Is 2 nfr cow worth a parrot?

2021.09.26 08:11 ansonkeung0206 Is 2 nfr cow worth a parrot?

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2021.09.26 08:11 adr1e1 [XB1] H:TSE bundle + 250 of each flux W: Fasnacht Buffoon Mask

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2021.09.26 08:11 AffectionateTower569 Spiegatemi perché esiste questo gioco😂

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2021.09.26 08:11 Yerribrine I was doing a design and I ended up doing a good clickbait

I was doing a picture about a theory I made, but also had a question, where is golden freddy suit? IDK
Textures by Scott cawthon (FNAF 3)
Processing img nd80dzchhsp71...
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2021.09.26 08:11 RedDragon1917 DEBUNKING the claim that private ownership is more efficient than social ownership

Hello comrades, It's not difficult to come across RWs and neolibs on the internet vomiting crap about how private ownership is much more efficient than public ownership. It's pretty natural to expect it from them since, according to a study of the economy of Nazi Germany published in The Journal of Economic History (published by the Cambridge University Press), the NAZIS absolutely loved privatization, so much so that the word "Privatization" was invented by The Economist magazine to describe Nazi policies, quoting from the above paper:

Irrespective of a quite bad overall performance, an important characteristic of the economy of the Third Reich, and a big difference from a centrally planned one, was the role private ownership of firms was playing - in practice as well as in theory. The ideal Nazi economy would liberate the creativeness of a multitude of private entrepreneurs in a predominantly competitive framework gently directed by the state to achieve the highest welfare of the Germanic people.
Available sources make perfectly clear that the Nazi regime did not want at all a German economy with public ownership of many or all enterprises. Therefore it generally had no intention whatsoever of nationalizing private firms or creating state firms. On the contrary the reprivatization of enterprises was furthered wherever possible.
The main reasoning used in support of privatization is one that you've heard too many times i.e. human nature is inherently selfish and humans work diligently to maximize productivity and efficiency only when there is a profit motive in for them, now since singular individuals reaping all the profits and therefore managing the firm in a supposed efficient way do not exist in socially owned enterprises, no one will allegedly have any incentive to do anything good. Obviously this argument again has ZERO basis in reality as proved by scientists:
To quote a research paper published in the journal Nature:
Experimental evidence indicates that human altruism is a powerful force and is unique in the animal world. [...] Current gene-based evolutionary theories cannot explain important patterns of human altruism, pointing towards the importance of both theories of cultural evolution as well as gene–culture co-evolution.
This idea has been validated by more recent research. Another research paper in the journal Science, reporting on a study from the University of Zurich, had the following to say:
Humans are generally highly cooperative and often impressively altruistic, quicker than any other animal species to help out strangers in need.
Now coming to our main topics so that this argument can be put down forever.
State Ownership: There is massive evidence that public employment (associated with a larger SOE sector) has a beneficial impact on health and welfare.
A 2019 study in the International Journal of Health Services found that "public employment, as an instrument of pro-redistributive policies in both the labor market and the welfare state, improves equality and ultimately health." The authors note that "population health measured by life expectancy improves with the size of public employment."
A 2015 meta-analysis, published in the Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, found that "with regard to productivity and production cost, there is no support for the claim that private enterprises have better performance [all things being equal] than public enterprises."
According to this study published in the journal Economic Modelling:
According to our results, SOEs are not positive or negative for growth per se. Their impact hinges crucially upon the country’s institutions: with good (bad) institutions the effect of SOEs is more beneficial (detrimental), turning into significantly positive (negative) in the right-tail (left-tail) of the sample distribution of institutional quality. This result holds through a wide array of robustness checks. The policy conclusion is that with good institutions the positive external effects of SOEs may outweigh the loss in economic growth caused by SOEs’ possible inefficiencies.
According to a paperfrom the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs (authored by an economist from the University of Cambridge), "there is no clear systematic evidence that SOEs are burdens on the economy." As the paper points out:
Despite popular perception, encouraged by the business media and contemporary conventional wisdom and rhetoric, SOEs can be efficient and well-run. [...] Many countries achieved economic success with a large SOE sector. [...] Conversely, many unsuccessful economies have small SOE sectors.
A study from Stanford University's Center on Global Poverty and Development evaluated both public and private enterprises in China, finding the former to be significantly more productive, even when controlling for favorable market conditions and better management:
[Labor] productivity and TFP of SOEs are significantly higher than private firms... although better human capital, more market power and better management can explain partially why productivity in SOEs are higher, there remains a large share of the SOE advantage in productivity that is still left unexplained.
According to a paper from the European Federation of Public Service Unions:
there is now extensive experience of all forms of privatisation, and re- searchers have published many studies of the empirical evidence on compara- tive technical efficiency. The results are remarkably consistent across all sec- tors and all forms of privatisation and outsourcing: there is no empirical evidence that the private sector is intrinsically more efficient. The same results emerge consistently from sectors and services which are subject to outsourc- ing, such as waste management, and in sectors privatised by sale, such as telecoms
A study in the International Journal of Social Economics looked at public enterprises in the OECD, finding that "the evidence fails to support the hypothesis of a negative relationship between [public enterprises] and economic growth."
Evidence is particularly strong that public ownership is preferable in the case of natural monopolies. Utilities are a good example; according to a study in the Journal of Public Economics, "public firms minimize cost and have 24–33% lower per unit costs than their privately owned counterpart."
A more recent study in the journal Applied Economics found that "private management are on average slightly less efficient than public management."
According to this paper:
Comparative studies of public and private provisions of public services yield results which are illuminating: empirical studies of public services have failed to establish the supremacy of the private sector when efficiency is assessed.
A paper published by the Council for the development of Social sciences research in Africa looking at privatization in Africa continent of Africa says:
The literature on comparative performance of public and private firms suggests that, although the results would seem to favour the private sector, there is no decisive evidence as regards the impact of the ownership of the enterprise on economic performance. In fact, none of those studies is able to compare two enterprises, one public, the other private, with an identical regulatory framework, in the same sector of activity and in the same country. The results are, therefore, considerably weakened and cannot provide a satisfactory justification for privatisation. As Vernon-Wortzel and Wortzel (1989) further argue, private-sector ownership is no guarantee for good performance, considering that private-sector firms in every corner of the world go bankrupt every day.
Another study looking at the performance of newly privatized firms in the Egyptian economy says:
The purpose of this paper is to examine the performance of 54 newly privatized Egyptian firms against a matching number of SOEs. By matching sample firms (privatized) with control firms (SOEs) over 1994–98, our analyses show that privatized firms do not exhibit significant improvement in their performance changes relative to SOEs.
According to a study of the Bulgarian economy:
As a result of this study, it can be concluded that ownership is not correlated to variables such as size and performance. Moreover, it is not an influential aspect of corporate performance because it takes up a smaller area of common variance shared by all involved variables.
According to a paper looking at privatization of firms in the Iranian economy:
The results show that privatization has not had a positive effect on the profitability of the firms listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange; rather, the effect has been negative. Moreover, the results reveal that privatization of these firms has had no effect on their sales effectiveness and efficiency; instead, the debts and risks of these firms has increased.
According to a case study of the Indian Railways from Yale University:
Our results show there was no negative effect of Government of India ownership on railway TFP, or capital and labor productivity. Government ownership increased the operating scale of railway systems and contributed to a more capital intensive operation of railways, but neither of these changes negatively influenced TFP.
In many industries, like railways, the debate is not between a theoretical public or private firm in an unregulated market, but rather between state ownership and private ownership with subsidies and regulation. In these settings, private ownership is perhaps less productive than say in manufacturing where firms are less likely to be compensated with subsidies.
According to a dissertation from the Norwegian school of economics:
The general relationship between state ownership and abnormal return is analysed in the General OLS Model. The model reveals a positive but not significant correlation which implies that state ownership in general has a neutral effect on the abnormal return of the firm. The results reject Hypothesis 1 of a negative effect of state ownership and imply that the Norwegian Government contributes with positive abnormal return which offsets the negative effects earlier studies report. In addition, the model reveals that state ownership increases the market beta of the firm.
The results contradict earlier studies which find that state ownership reduces efficiency and profitability.
According to a study from the Illinois Wesleyan University:
Through investigating 399 private corporations and 111 SOEs from 52 countries and seven strategic sectors, this study discovers that there is no significant correlation between ownership type and performance. Hence, SOEs and private corporations are expected to deliver the same performance under any circumstances.
According to a study of Chinese SOEs from Renmin University:
In this paper, we attempt to address the classic question in China’s context: what is the impact of state ownership on economic growth? The earlier literature fails to consider that private enter-prises treat their workers badly, violate China’s labor laws, and provide workers with a wage lower than a living wage. Such practices undermine the contribution of private enterprises to economic growth in the long run. Most of the current studies ignore the role of SOEs in stabiliz- ing economic growth and promoting technical progress. We argue that SOEs are playing a progrowth role in several ways. SOEs stabilize growth in economic downturns by carrying out massive investments. SOEs promote major technical innovations by investing in riskier areas of technical progress. Also, SOEs adopt a high-road approach to treating workers, which will be favorable to the transition toward a more sustainable economic model. Our empirical analysis indicates that SOEs in China have promoted long-run growth and offset the adverse effect of economic downturns, while they have no statistically significant contemporaneous effect on growth
Note:- A look at the Fortune Global 500 which ranks corporations based on profitability, will tell you that out of the top 5 most profitable companies on earth, three are chinese and all three are state owned.
Worker cooperatives: According to research by Virginie Pérotin from Leeds University Business school which looked at two decades worth of international data:
The main findings from the analysis and review are:
• Worker co-operatives are larger than conventional businesses and not necessarily less capital intensive
• Worker co-operatives survive at least as long as other businesses and have more stable employment
Worker cooperatives are more productive than conventional businesses, with staff working “better and smarter” and production organised more efficiently
• Worker co-operatives retain a larger share of their profits than other business models
• Executive and non-executive pay differentials are much narrower in worker co-operatives than other firms
According to another paper from Kent State University:
a combination of employee financial ownership with real participation in decision-making the enterprise level does improve labour productivity and other aspects of business performance. In addition, employee-ownership and participation generate "collateral benefits" in terms of social participation and living standards.
A study90040-0) of worker cooperatives in Italy, the UK, and France found “positive” relationships with productivity. It also found that worker cooperatives do not become less productive as they get larger:
A study by Brookings regarding worker cooperatives in the timber industry in Washington, USA found that “co-ops are more efficient than the principal conventional firms by between 6 and 14 percent”.
A study in Cornell University's ILR Review found that "profit sharing, worker ownership, and worker participation in decision making are all positively associated with productivity".
A study by The Democracy Collaborative found that in the US, worker cooperatives can increase worker incomes by 70 to 80 percent
Several other studies like this, this and this prove the much greater longetivity, resilience and much lesser chances of closure of co-ops compared to privately owned firms.
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2021.09.26 08:11 Acceptable_Novel8200 Retail Investors Are Buying the Dip : Addresses with at Least 0.1 Bitcoin Soars to a 4-months High!

The cryptocurrency industry has experienced a number of turmoils in the past few months with the resultant effect being shown by the plunging in the price and valuation of assets in the ecosystem. Bitcoin (BTC) has been at the forefront of each of these fundamental turmoils, and the latest, involving China’s revival of its clampdown on all crypto-related activities notably pushed the price of the cryptocurrency to a 30-day low of $39,787.61.
Many retail investors have notably taken advantage of the price slump to “buy the dip.” This claim is further substantiated by data from Glassnode, a crypto markets analytics platform. Per the shared insight, the number of Bitcoin addresses holding at least 0.1 coins (about $4,261.43) has soared to a 4-month high of 3,246,533. In other words, the latest dip pushed more people to stack up on their assets, some for the first time, and others increased their portfolios.
Many who are bullish on Bitcoin are often anticipating periods of price slumps to take up new positions in Bitcoin. While many are beginning to embrace altcoins with unique fundamentals, periods of corrections often serve as an opportunity to buy in and take profits all within a short time frame.
Is the retail buyup the basis for price rebound?
The price of Bitcoin has started seeing some mild recoveries as it is trading midway from the $40,936.56, lowest point to the highest price of $42,839.75 printed in the past 24 hours. For a stable or sustainable uptrend, Bitcoin will need an aggressive buying momentum beyond the capacity the retail holders are currently doing.
While currently changing hands at a price of $42,718.90, Bitcoin will need to consistently trade above the $45,000 resistance point, before it can regain its 7-day high of $48,328.37. From the sloppy movements seen by the 24-hour rate of gain of 0.31%, the chances that the needed recovery will be spearheaded by the current retail buyup.
However, Bitcoin and the broader digital currency industry is known to withstand and recover from the impact of all forms of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) being spread by the threats of Chinese clampdown year after year in the past decade. This current clampdown will be no exception in the medium to long term.
Source : Binance-Coingape
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2021.09.26 08:11 Kokt_Vaffel Anyone know?

So me and my friends was farming for rowans call, and he got off so i did some killavolt and got 2 rowans calls anyone know if its a dedicated drop from him?
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2021.09.26 08:11 Moist-Taro Loners are dangerous and the real threat to safe society

You think to yourself:
"What type of person could commit mass genocide? What kind of dictator could sleep knowing he was responsible for the deaths of millions?"
This is what happens if loners are left unchecked for too long, the mass shooters just went "pop" too soon. We should actively look for the loners in society and "correct" them. For the good of society and community.
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2021.09.26 08:11 golfwhore69 cursed bus mantis

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2021.09.26 08:11 TheGh0ster04 Looking for a mate to drive with

Hello! Was just posting this on here looking for someone to drive with as a sort of teammate for open lobbies, mostly for the purpose of having fun and helping to point out areas of improvement :), I'm based in Singapore and I predominantly drive the NSX, McLaren and 991.2, but I'm more than happy to learn a new car to adapt if that works for you, would be lovely if you could PM me :)
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2021.09.26 08:11 DifficultAd1563 Moje máma když příjdu pozdě domů <3

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2021.09.26 08:11 TheReasonToFear 10 reasons why you should be my friend! 17F

  1. i will reply fast and never dry text. im good at conversations so ill always try my best to keep it alive aslong as you do.
  2. i will never judge you for anything, you can be your true self around me, its rly hard for me to dislike or judge someone.
  3. im always down to facetime, play video games, watch movies and text you! [if im not busy]
  4. ive been told i give good advice and ill always support everything you do, aslong as its the right thing.
  5. ill send pics of memes, tiktoks and the meals i eat, my puppy, and ill share awesome songs w you!
  6. i know how to make a sucky situation better w dumbass jokes, so itll be hard for you to be sad around me.
  7. ill always be here if you need to vent or rant about anything and ill try my best to make you feel better.
  8. i wont ghost you. if for some reason we dont click, ill just tell you.
  9. you can have super deep convos w me. i love true crime and conspiracy theories.
  10. im always down to play some games, so you can have a good friend and a gaming buddy.
if you found any of this interesting, hmu and lets be great friends. please introduce yourself or i wont reply! [i have discord, imessages and snap]
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2021.09.26 08:11 LumberJosh One of my favorite photos from my favorite stage of my Jetta.

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2021.09.26 08:11 lifelongafffair My blig

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2021.09.26 08:11 bot_painani Buscan amparar a niños y niñas sanos para que sean vacunados contra Covid - El Sol de México

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2021.09.26 08:11 DCD_PS4_750 Leaked ancient colossal Titans

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2021.09.26 08:11 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 08:11 LostAndConfusedx1000 My own mum invited BM to big family catch-up… And I wasn’t invited.

This is honestly just a vent, I guess.
I don’t really think BM has done anything wrong, this is actually aaaaall on my own mum. But that doesn’t stop be from being pissed at BM regardless and wanting to be even firmer with my boundaries.
Long story short, my mum and sister flew in for my baby shower last weekend. They were here for 30 hours.
I’d booked my baby shower for our off-custody week because SD8 wasn’t invited (no children were), so that meant my mum wouldn’t see SD. I was completely ok with that because my mum can be a super toxic human, so we’ve always had pretty firm boundaries around her contact with SD.
Unfortunately for us, BM has always loved the obligation-and-judgement-free babysitting that my mum has always offered her, so on HER weeks she would give my mum SD for days at a time. It’s always sucked that neither of them respected mine or hubby’s boundaries. But whatever.
Anyway, mum made a big song and a dance about how she was so excited to finally see me and meet my bump (we live on opposite sides of the country now). I thought she was coming to see me, so I was super taken aback when the minute the baby shower ended, she left in a hurry.
It wasn’t until days later when we picked up SD for our custody week that I realised why mum had been in such a rush. I stood there and smiled through gritted teeth as SD told me aaaaaall about how she’d seen my mum over the weekend, at a family dinner with every one.
My favourite aunties and cousins and all their kids. They all had a big family reunion catch up dinner. And not only was I not invited, BM and SD were instead.
I felt sick. Mum has always ignored my boundaries (she literally invited BM to family Christmas last year before she’d even invited me), but this just felt cruel.
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2021.09.26 08:11 Parvmaestro My First Mech Arena Fan Art! Drew Panther with Pulse cannon 6. :)

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2021.09.26 08:11 Additional_Resort_73 14m Im not sure if this is a booger or not

this was in my nose for a while but I cant get rid off it just like normal boogers. I dont think it's painful or bothers me in anyway, I just want to know if it's just a normal booger I cant remove or not
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2021.09.26 08:11 junkiedm lidl itch games collection (gamig in 2021)

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2021.09.26 08:11 DonnieZonac Classic or Black?

Hello fellow Hueligans, I’ve been with Huel for a few months and I’m finally ready to fully switch to a Huel only diet so I hope to make a large purchase soon. I wanted to ask if anyone has tried both Huel and Black of the flavors shared between the two? I’ve only had Strawberry Shortcake black and I really liked it so I wanted to see some comparisons between banana, chocolate etc when it can be either. Thanks for any insight!
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2021.09.26 08:11 KuciMane !!!!! MadLipz is no longer showing Kin on their app! I’m livid and confused, where is my Kin that was staking?!

I am absolutely livid riggt now with how shady/scammy MadLipz has been and today I looked on the app and in the setting, Kin is no linger there and my balance does not show.
What the actual fuck
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2021.09.26 08:11 Informal-Extreme-670 Why do you think Vitalik said ETHs price would reach 30k by years end?

Do you think he has some sort of idea why the price would rise that amount? Or do you think as the creator of ETH he’s just trying pump hopium into our veins and wouldn’t really give a more realistic price point?
Furthermore what’s everyone’s outlook on the rest of the year? Hopeful? Feeling bearish? What’s your EOY price predictions?
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2021.09.26 08:11 Additional_Baker Does anyone have a clue why disintegrating aura is doing 29 damage when the base damage is 30?

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