Im not sure this is how that works

2021.10.18 20:11 Legitimate_Egg_915 Im not sure this is how that works

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2021.10.18 20:11 Professional_Rich404 Can anyone help me in writing test class, I have written till 70% code coverage unable to go further

The test class is of REST API. it would be really helpful if someone can connect whenever you are free I will adjust the time.
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2021.10.18 20:11 ashu_rai 27M, My Gf(22F) thinks she is telling me everything is proving her loyalty.

Hi, My 1st reddit post i want an opinion so thought this would be the best place. Me and My gf are in relationship for 3 years and we are best friends also. In past 1 year lost the closest person to her. And at that time i wasn't there to support her and there was one guy who help her and i m thankful for that. And after that they were talking to each other which my gf always told me even i don't enquire. Then after that they were start meeting each other i was okay with that too and she told me all the details about that. She used to make lunch for him as his food was quite messy. She given her more lunch than she have given me 3 year relationship (she gave me only one time). And one day she told me that she went for her health checkup and the attender at the hospital thought they are husband and wife. Which made her angry but the guy was laughing for the mistake of writing my gf as her wife. And then one day he wrote "I love you too" in Chinese on her hand. And she told me she didn't said i love you to him she wrote "i love you" to me and sent it to me. But the guy misunderstood that for himself and he worte that. After that i m trying to tell her that he loves you so please clarify whatever feeling you have for him. She is still denying the feelings for him but they are still talking to each other. And he make advances like he hugged her and telling inappropriate jokes. which is big issue for me. And still they are talking. And i am telling her that why are you not clarifying with him she is saying i don't want to ruin our friendship and she don't want to leave me too. And she said that she want me as bf and him as a friend. But i m not comfortable in that because in my mind i will always know that he likes her and which would change my behaviour. I told her if you want to end this i would end on a good note otherwise we would be on each other's throats in time. I love her. I don't want to lose her but i don't want this to go like this which is happening. I m feeling distant and she is sometime ignoring me. I feel agitated frustrated knowing that they are talking. And she is saying that she is sharing everything that they are talking with me so she is loyal to me. I try to tell her that its not loyalty if you are telling me and doing the wrong. But feels like she don't want to listen about that. And she told me everything and in that i find the signs of that he might be more than friend to her I am really confused right now..
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2021.10.18 20:11 Right-Culture-71 LINK - AMA recorded in October 17, with Kim Jong Moon Team.

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2021.10.18 20:11 bibimbapkimbap PGI-ship: Affiliated hospitals

Hi doctors! Just wanted to know if Perpetual Help Hospital in Biñan and Laguna Medical Center in Sta. Cruz are still affiliated with APMC for PGI?
Thank you!!!
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2021.10.18 20:11 HazukiWolfe Is there a way I can play with my husband?

He plays on xbox and I at the moment have a windows 7 computer (working on getting a windows 10)
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2021.10.18 20:11 PositiveEmpty2319 FOREVER SHIBA 🐕 | Stealth Launched | 250K MC | Poocoin Ads Live Now! | Low market cap Gem with $SHIB rewards!

We are a team from UK and US with big plans for SHIB we are here to show the respect to SHIBA and create the next moonshot on BSC. Focused, dedicated and proven.
Launched 2 days ago and holding extremly strong floor at around 250k. Liquidity is locked for 3 months and will be extended, hard marketing and a doxed dev.
Rest assured, you put your money on the line for some solid dudes and gals here at foreverShiba. 10x from here for sure! SHIB rewards! Solid diamond hands holding the floor up. This community is reminiscent of the beginnings of Shiba Inu. Tight.
Rewards in your fav SHIB! The community here is reminiscent of the early days Shiba community. The team is legit for sure! Diamond Hands here.
Gotta give the foreverSHIB Dev Team and community a shout out! you guys are amazing! Best diamond hands and dedicated peeps in the space! 5% SHIB rewards to boot! we going to 1 mil mc!
Why foreverSHIB?
ForeverSHIB is far better from other Deflationary Token as it’s determined team is putting 100% in this community driven project that rewards the users for holding tokens. We are not aiming to provide short term profits for holders, but a reliable asset for long term investors .
➖100% safu, long term legit project
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➡️Contract: 0xa1c56a1b0480492903cbb39137003dddfb4975e9
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➡️ Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.18 20:11 Thetruebreadman 30 [M4F] Where all my anime nerds at?

I'm kind of quiet until I get to know you, then, that doesn't really change tbh. Not that I'm a mute - I can certainly hold my own, but I'm just not a major talker. Big ol' introvert and bit of a homebody. I watch a moderate amount of anime, I mostly play dbd, PoE, Apex, anything switch these days but have a pretty vast library. Running is a huge part of my life and I'm hoping to Boston qualify at least once in my life. I like to take one grand backpacking trip per year.
Ultimate goal of finding an LTR, but friends can be cool too. I reside near Grand Rapids, MI but honestly... On the off chance I meet that special someone on this obscure part of the internet, distance isn't too big an issue I feel. I'm fortunate enough and can afford a flight once or twice a month and I am in no way against relocating if something comes of this.
I've tried most of the established dating sites thinking I'd find other squares like myself who struggle in the real world, but no such luck. Maybe I'm limiting my dating pool too much, but is wanting someone to game or anime and chill with too much to ask? Do y'all hide out here?
Only stipulations is no kids, no smoking, and understand I send unsolicited cat pics.
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2021.10.18 20:11 WingsOfDesperation Should be at $1,000 by the end of the year, $5 daily

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2021.10.18 20:11 Gwented_kek Needing lots of low-level resources to craft high-level resources is literally what ruins the economy

This is probably the dumbest thing about this game and something that ruins economy. By the time I got 100 logging & woodworking I got like 1200 lumber and still had around 1000 aged wood left. Not surprised the economy is so bad when you can get millions of wyrdwood that can't be turned into planks because you need so much more green wood for that. If it's meant to slow down leveling then why not just significantly increase experience needed to level? Like in Runescape, for example. Also, what is this logic even, needing silver to craft gold bars and gold bars to craft platinum bars?
You need 4 iron ore to craft 1 iron ingot.
You need 3 iron ingots to craft 1 steel ingot (12x iron ore)
You need 2 steel ingots to craft starmetal ingot (24x iron ore)
You need 2 starmetal ingot to craft an orichalcum ingot (48x iron ore)
To balance it we either need to (pick one):
- Have this removed
- Make it so you get very little resources from gathering high level stuff. I'm talking 2 wyrdwood per tree. But again, that's just kinda dumb to get 2 wood per tree.
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2021.10.18 20:11 Left-Gear-9034 how is this PSYCHO not locked up in ARKHAM ASYLUM already??!??!?!?!?

how is this PSYCHO not locked up in ARKHAM ASYLUM already??!??!?!?!?
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2021.10.18 20:11 sohnixx24 Chem 14D w/ Dr. Ow

Is anyone else really worried about the midterm? Any suggestions for how to study beside doing practice problems?
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2021.10.18 20:11 DonnasaurusRex 20/EST Looking for PC or Crossplay friends!

Hey! I would like to have someone/a small group (of any skill) to play some games with! I am free most weekends or sometimes on weekday nights as I am in college and have class early in the morning until late at night most days.
Games I'm into:
- FPS games
- Co-op campaigns
- RTS games
- RPG's

A little about myself: I'm huge into music! Right now, I'm into indie rock, classic metal, and jazz. I'm an easy going person who just wants to play games with people and have some laughs along the way. I have also been trying to get into cars recently, so if that's your thing.. perfect!
Shoot me a dm on reddit or add me on discord and mention you saw this post!! Donna#1389
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2021.10.18 20:11 dontwantleague2C Is it time to sell DeAndre Hopkins?

TL;DR: there isn’t a lot of talk about DeAndre Hopkins despite some concerning usage numbers. Could it be time to sell high off two solid games?
DHop is coming off of two 20 point performances in PPR, but his underlying usage has been concerning.
His season high in catches is 6. He’s had 2 games with 6, 2 with 4, and 2 with 3. In terms of targets, his high is 9, and he’s had 2 games with 4 and one with 6. These numbers are very disappointing compared to last year. In 2020 DHop averaged 10 targets per game and 7.2 catches per game, both of which are numbers he has yet to surpass in 6 games.
His highest receiving yardage total is 87. He averaged 88 receiving yards per game in 2020. In 2020 Hopkins had under 7 targets once, and in 2021 he has had under 7 targets 3 times.
Looking at some more in depth stats, his target share has gone down from 29.4%, a mark that was behind only Davante Adams in 2020, to 21.7%, 32nd in the league.
Uncharacteristic of Hopkins, he’s had 3 drops so far, as compared to 1 drop throughout the entirety of 2020.
The one thing that has improved for him is his TDs. While he scored 6 TDs in all of 2020, he has 6 TDs in the first 6 weeks of 2021. However, I’m not so sure this is a real trend, as his 2020 and 2021 red zone target shares are nearly identical (26.1% to 26.9%).
Overall the Cardinals are throwing less, running only 33 pass plays per game due to game script. However, red zone pass attempts are up from last year.
There’s a lot to digest here. But it’s impossible to deny Hopkins is not getting used as much as we expected as fantasy managers. TDs are propping his value up for now, but it’s unclear if that will continue. It’s strange, but Hopkins is on a 16 game pace for 69 (nice) receptions and 979 yards, his lowest reception total since his rookie year and his first season under 1000 receiving yards since 2016. Based on this, what do we think? Will DHop bounce back and finish the season with more typical Hopkins numbers, or is it time to sell him based on name value and potentially try to trade Hopkins for two guys pushing into WR1 territory like DJ Moore or Ja’Marr Chase?
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2021.10.18 20:11 Ambitious-Camel-7546 Any tips for this old guy going back to school? Its been too long and im getting nervous.

Alright, I'm 36 and starting college for Network Technician in 1 week. I haven't taken a class since high school (2003). I'm looking for some advice on study time, focusing, note-taking and whatever tips you may have in general. I'm pretty excited about this big step and hoping to make a better life for me and my family.
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2021.10.18 20:11 Limp-Preparation-249 🐕💰 SHIBAFUEL – Fair launched, SHIBA Rewards, deflationary token to spread awareness, new token, market cap rising, locked liquidity & SAFU!🐕

🐕Are you also tired of all these honeypots, scams and rug pulls? We present you SHIBAFUEL!
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🐕This community owned project wants to go to the moon! The liquidity pool has been locked at deeplock for twenty days. The contract is safe and also yield generating! This time no one disturbs us from going to the moon! This is by far the best project i have invested in.
💰 Telegram:
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Our tokenomics:
100,000,000,000 Total supply
10% transaction tax that gets distributed to our holders in form of SHIBA reward!
2% goes to locked liquidity pool
50% of the tokens are burned to ensure more token value
More coming
Total of ~15% Slippage (15% + 0,5% Pancake)
📖Contract: 0x6ec192e2cd9309652dd9f83ec19d9f37887bae76
🥞 Buy Now :
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒
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2021.10.18 20:11 Vicsilvia If you could be a superhero (Marvel or DC Comics), who would you be and why?

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2021.10.18 20:11 LurkingFromTheShadow PotO Raoul sings opera with Christine due to Phantom meddling

Looking for a lost Phantom of the Opera fic where Raoul was helping Christine practise and sings good so the Phantom makes him perform in a play with Christine. I think the play might have been Point of No Return and it was Compete on Ao3.
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2021.10.18 20:11 ogrehalo Character concept I’ve had for a long time now and I would love some input on it!

So I don’t get to play too often. And when I do, it’s at an Adventurers League. So keep that in mind as I only get access to one extra source book. But now down to business!!
My idea is for a female Dragonborn Paladin of Conquest that will multiclass into Hexblade at level 8. She is trying to build a kingdom for all of the Dragonborn and become King of the Dragonborn. She will use diplomacy first and foremost to build this. I reason that this would work with an oath of conquest because I’m using my “might of personality” to bend them to my will. I can still use intimidation if all else fails. And I can see this as taking this oath in the name of Bahamut and doing my best to be as a gold dragon and be commanding. She will be a mix between a gold dragon and a red dragon though. So she will have a desire to resort to intimidation first. And the hexblade could be flavored to be a piece of claw or fang from Tiamat. I also have this idea that she will get very angry and almost flip her lid if someone asks if she means Queen of the Dragonborn, because that’s a different job since Dragonborn don’t care about gender for the roll of the job! What do all of you think? Any advice or comments?
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2021.10.18 20:11 SassySandwich45 What would you add if you could add new stuff too the technology tree? (Frostpunk 2)

I feel like the city could have way more stuff to help out the bitter cold, as we will probably see in Frostpunk 2
Extra bonus to gameplay or real life survival approach suggestions
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2021.10.18 20:11 aramintreddit r/Boatrace huh?

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2021.10.18 20:11 Valdis0517 Unwinnable Crazy Lucky Comeback on Prophet Bossfight. RNG Blessed

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2021.10.18 20:11 ThatWholesomeAsshole I want a cigarette.

I'm coming up on my 3rd year anniversary of being smoke free but man I really want to smoke still. I don't know why but today I'm really craving a smoke.
Seriously if you haven't ever smoked I would HIGHLY recommend you don't ever start. Even years later I'll still have days like today where I really crave one and it's been nearly 3 years since my last one.
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2021.10.18 20:11 Maskless_Warrior $FCEL COMMON SHARES

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2021.10.18 20:11 Jreid97 Soho | Fuji GA645 | Cinestill 800T

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