Preview lagging

2021.10.18 19:38 sbnufc Preview lagging

Hey! Previews lag so badly on my Vegas (15.0) that they're impossible to see. To be able to see the video clearly, I have to wait until after rendering. Which is obviously no use for editing.
Is there any fix? Google hasn't really helped
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2021.10.18 19:38 4GreatHeavenlyKings If Catharism was not a real Heresy, then how do historians explain what were called features of Catharism in Southern France?

By this, I do not refer to deviations from Roman Catholic orthodoxy (which are easy enough to fall into), but rather to the development of what, according to traditional sources, were distinctive rites (notably the Consolamentum), distinctive conduct among leaders (pescatarianism, celibacy, and lives dedicated to itinerant preaching and performing the Consolamentum), and distinctive lineages/places of study/instruction (Guilhabert de Castres, whom sources describe as as a Cathar Bishop, presided over a gathering of 100 Cathar clergy at Château de Pieusse, and supposedly established at Château de Montségur what was described as "the seat and head" (domicilium et caput) of the Cathar church until its destruction some 4 years after his death, where assembled over 200 Cathar clergy - and of whose inhabitants over 200 were executed as heretics when Château de Montségur was captured).
Do modern revisionist accounts say that these "Cathar clergy" and their "biships" at Château de Montségur were Christians whose faith was heretical to the Catholic Church without being Cathar (and presumably being less theologically united than the Catholics claimed)?
Furthermore, how do modern revisionist accounts explain the Consolamentum's place in a Catharless region? Surely, a group of lay and clerical believers united around the Consolamentum (and venerating the austere clergy who performed such a rite) can be considered to be a distinctive religious movement - albeit perhaps not as united as "Catharism" would imply.
Or do modern revisionist accounts assert that the Consolamentum was created by Catholic heresy-hunters, as a less extreme example of the tendency by Catholics to attribute to heretics rites in, among other sources, the Papal Bull "Vox in Rama"?
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2021.10.18 19:38 ocarinagirl93 I really wanted to draw these two like this! I hope you guys like them!

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2021.10.18 19:38 Sure-Telephone-7590 Changing activities after submitting application

Okay so I just submitted one application on common app, but I want to merge two of my activities and add another one. Is that fine, or should I keep it how it is because I already sent it to one college already? And if I do, do I have to notify the college I already submitted to?
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2021.10.18 19:38 fishheadsnft New Stealth Giveaway from FiSHhHEADS NFT!

New Stealth Giveaway from FiSHhHEADS NFT!
New Stealth ETH Giveaway being designed now
*Drop your wallet...
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2021.10.18 19:38 dipwinkle What's one more month? 🤡

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2021.10.18 19:38 octospidr Tony unhappy about the new cat, Leopold

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2021.10.18 19:38 EricSchC1fr Axel Springer removes a top editor after a Times report on workplace behavior.

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2021.10.18 19:38 MrGymsi Spellshield and hextech transmogulator interaction

Casting transmog to transform a unit into another unit which happens to have spellshield, the transmog gets negated by the spellshield.
Spellshield : "Negate the next enemy spell or skill that would affect me"
Casting transmogulator, you pick two followers : one to transform (follower 1) into the other (follower 2), Follower 2 is not affected by the transmogulator. Therefore even if follower 2 has spellshield, the way I understand the spell shield text, it shouldn't negate the transmog.
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2021.10.18 19:38 PositiveEmpty2319 🐶 MadFloki🔥| Massive giveaways on Launch day💰 | Nonstop marketing day after day

🐶Floki has gone absolutely mad!🐶
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🐶Introducing a new contract designed to reward our diamond handed community.
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Mad Floki (MF)
💰Auto Rewards
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🐶 Smart Contract : 0x94b618740fb3c1efa32147e8fa8eef49d8abb910
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2021.10.18 19:38 gold3nb3ast2 What did they think was going to happen.

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2021.10.18 19:38 sabin-b The shortages hitting countries around the world

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2021.10.18 19:38 svanapps Midday Meme Stock Report for 10/18: AMC, Coinbase, Greenidge, Robinhood

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2021.10.18 19:38 unadvisedinvent Petite 18 Year Old Nicole Ray Gets Tossed Around On A Cock

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2021.10.18 19:38 Gegenuebertragung hmmm

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2021.10.18 19:38 Ok-Feature-4225 Καλο Παντελίδη

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2021.10.18 19:38 Highst1 Can someone explain Master of Metal please?

"You and nearby Allies deal 6 to 12 added Physical Damage for each Impale on Enemy."
Ok, now i need to understand the concept of impale stacks.
"When a hit applies impale to a target, 10% of that hit's physical damage is recorded before any damage mitigation is applied. Impale deals the recorded damage to that target each time it is hit. Impale remains in effect for 8 seconds[1] or until the maximum number of hits is reached. By default, impale lasts for five hits. A target may have multiple impale effects on it at once, all of which deal damage to that target each time it is hit.
But when i read now all the effects that can be easy obtainable, all i get is impale lasts additional hits, for example: 1. Champion ascendancy: Impales you inflict last 1 additional Hit. 2. Watcher"s eye: Impales you inflict last 2 additional Hits while using Pride.
So how can i stack "impales"/"impale stacks"? Or are the impale stacks the number of hits it takes until the impale runs out?
Thank you very much for your help.
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2021.10.18 19:38 Samoja12 That's it, i am installing add blocker for YT #YouTubeKilledTrustedFlagging

I tolerated 20 second ads, i tolerated double adds, the works. But i swore if Youtube introduces double 20 second adds i would block them, and hey, they just did.
Not to mention that i was only putting up with all the obnoxious adds to support creators, but since the add-pocalypse most have been demonetised anyways.
I see now that Youtube's greed knows no bounds and i see no reason to keep supporting them, this was a step too far, they won't get any more add money from me.
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2021.10.18 19:38 meeks64 My Baby got a Bed!

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2021.10.18 19:38 No-Delay-5487 So my friend and I are having a debate on the weakest akatsuki member, he says Sasori I disagree and felt it was only due to chiyo there and him just wanting to die at the end. As for me I am still thinking but who do you guys think is the weakest and why?

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2021.10.18 19:38 byraq Morning zoo with Jimmy Fallon and Ben Affleck

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2021.10.18 19:38 dhejejkwwlkdndnffb i think i have sjogrens

so.. a little about me: im 17, im a normal weight, female, vegetarian but i dont eat very healthy all the time, i probably have a nutrient deficiency. ive been tested negative for diabetes which is good. starting off with my symptoms: for the past 10 days or so, my mouth has been quite dry. i have to keep sipping water or it gets too uncomfortable. my lips are dry and cracked, my nose is dry as well i noticed. i also am pretty sure i have dry eyes, as my eyes feel irritated like itchy and burn from time to time, but ive had that for awhile. i sometimes take artificial tears. i have some fatigue as well. i havent been tested yet, but a lot of signs point toward me having this. im scared what this could mean for my future and rest of my life. i recently lost my dad which has made me feel the most anxious and stressed ive ever felt in my life. i heard that having so much stress can make you more likely to get auto immune disorders. does anyone have any advice to share about their first symptoms and possible causes, + maybe some tips on how to deal with dryness, what foods to eat and avoid etc? thanks
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2021.10.18 19:38 KimmyAdventure Harambe the Gorilla Faces Charging Bull on Wall Street & that makes me feel extremely BULLISH 😂👏🚀🚀🚀🍿🎮🍻

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2021.10.18 19:38 bapplebong Should I wait for sale or get Dirt 2.0 GOTY for 12 USD/10 EUR?

I feel like I have seen it real cheap on Steam Sales but that might have been the base version? Thanks
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2021.10.18 19:38 FrontpageWatch2020 [#763|+1868|41] Have you ever seen a cat sit this still for a bath? [r/SupermodelCats]

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